Here is how you can contact us:


One of the easiest ways to contact us is Matrix. Our MXIDs are listed on our Keyoxide profile, linked a few paragraphs below. If you are new, do not register an account on the server, instead, have a look at this list. We do have a public room for public comments and general chat which also contains a bot that notifies members of new posts on my blog.


You can reach all of us by emailing artemis on this domain, or each of us individually by emailing fantasycookie17, tanith, laura or deaexmachina, respectively. If you use Tutanota, or encrypt to our public Age key, to be found here, your mail will be end to end encrypted, if not, both Tutanota and your mail provider will be able to read it.


You can find our Keyoxide profile here. This does not actually allow any direct messaging, but it can help with discovering various accounts and with establishing trust through the cryptographic signatures.


You can send us an encrypted support ticket on our CryptPad instance. However, we might check this one less often.


Jami is an encrypted peer to peer messenger. It can offer better privacy and possibly be easier to use than Matrix, for direct chats. Message us at user name artemislena, identifier be9f8ca6df23a9d1972b7d142aafa40cedc1dfb6, or by scanning the following QR code in the Jami app: A QR code containing our Jami identifier


Signal is a well-known privacy-friendly messenger. We do not post our phone number here ‒ if you want to contact us on Signal, you will need to message us through one of the other options listed here first.