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Stop Ecocide

Normally, neither I nor Laura deal with political issues, given Tanith and FantasyCookie17 are occupied with these enough for one body. However, this time, the latter was, in her own words, "too lazy to write this", and the former felt like I would deliver a better performance at explaining the content of this. This, along with the fact that I have not written much on this blog at all, lead to me writing this post today.

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Systemic gatekeeping

So, this's basically a continuation of my last post, so maybe read that one first ‒ or don't, this one's less sensitive or whatever.

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Major overhaul

I've talked about wanting to write this article in Bloggers Gathering for quite a while now, so, here it is. While it was clear I wanted to make some changes, as also stated in a previous post on here, some of the changes I made went differently than planned, while others were abolished in favour of an alternative.

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Petition for trans rights in Germany

Just wanted to let you all know there was this petition here, basically aiming to abolish the outdated TSG (Transsexuellengesetz, "transsexual law") in favour of a more modern self-determination law. As currently, legal name and gender changes are extremely expensive (1000€ and above due to the requirement of two evaluations by mental health professionals) and time-intensive (about a year), this would be a huge step forward. You can also sign if you are not a German citizen, in which case, a translator like DeepL might help you to determine what exactly you are signing.

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Gatekeeping kills

You may have already seen me on the last post. I'm Tanith, and if you're not up to speed on the entire thematic of F. being plural, check this out. Now, for the part of this post after this paragraph, I'll have to issue a big content warning. I am absolutely pissed (American English, mind you), and this post will reflect both that as well as mention serious mental health stuff. I'm also known for putting humour into all sorts of stuff, which may be considered inappropriate in this context.

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Using GPG with a YubiKey

Update: Added a warning in the commands list to edit key before putting it on the card, updated backup stuff, fixed some command Update: zshrc changes

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Recent changes to services


I bought the domain in a sale at netcup. My old domains and still redirect here. My Matrix server will move to the new domain, more on that below.

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Global Transgender Resources Registry / Globales Transgenderressourcenregister (GTRR)


Recently, my psychologist, after hearing about the amount of trouble I went through with my gender transition, especially in finding out whom to talk to in order to for medical and legal measures, suggested to me that I could try to start a sort of self-help group in order to help other people facing similar issues, which after all was how many queer support groups started existing. I honestly was not too intrigued by the idea at first, but then came up with something similar that sounded more fun: The Global Transgender Resources Registry. Basically, it is a collection of static webpages sorted by countries and regions and cities in those countries, listing various resources that might be helpful for transgender people seeking transition in the respective areas. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

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Introducing: The Church Of Cookieism!

Update: The joke has worn off, there are more interesting and elaborate parody religions, such as Pastafarianism, and so on… The link mentioned is dead and the menu entry has been removed.

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Debunking transphobia for fun (and no profit, sadly)

Today, someone in one of the rooms I moderate had to get banned for spreading homophobia and transphobia. In the argument preceding the ban, he shared a video with the lovely title "Doctor Destroys Transgenderism with Simple Science". I did not actually bother to watch it back then, mainly due to the fact it has a length of 27 minutes and 17 seconds, however, as if there was nothing else to do, I decided to watch it now anyway just to see how fallacious it is. Strange hobby to do in the middle of the night, I know, and probably not very useful, but whatever. I felt like it. I will just go through the main arguments given, and show how should be considered inaccurate, wrong or misleading. My vocabulary on logical fallacies and such mainly comes from RationalWiki; if you do not know a term, look it up there.

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