Privacy policy

We do not knowingly collect data of any kind from you. The server saves the public IP address of your machine in RAM for the time that it needs to complete your HTTP request. To our knowledge, no logging of this process is happening, except when certain errors occur that are not 400-type such as 404 (File not found), in which case, the request, including IP address and user agent, may be logged to the system journal, which, however, is only stored in RAM, not on disk, and is limited to a few MBs. These kinds of errors do not usually occur on the website, but may happen on certain other services. These logs typically are never automatically analyzed and only viewed if debugging needs to happen. In such cases, they may be shared with third parties such as the developers of the service, but only if all identifying information is redacted beforehand. There are no tracking scripts or pixels, no cookies, and nothing that calls out to third parties on this website. Some pages on this site may link to external sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of those sites.

The server runs on a connection provided by Vodafone GmbH. They have their own privacy policy, and we cannot guarantee that they do not perform any network-level logging. However, due to the use of transport-level encryption, they at least cannot see what pages you visit on this site.