Check out More than one for more information on what plurality is in general. This page serves a more specific purpose: Introducing our system to others. All of us are fine with being referred to with the pronoun "she". Our system name is Artemis (Artemis Lena, if you want to include the second name), or "Arti"/"Arty" for short. We recommend using plural pronouns (i.e. "they/them/themselves") when referring to us collectively.


Was… first one in body… probably… but… am little now and… not "host" or "main" headmate… Prefix is… fc17… or… maybe… sometimes F.

A white face generated with chereverie's generator on Picrew and edited a bit afterwards; shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, a pink hair clip, two moles, pink t-shirt and black collar, rainbow halo background

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Prolly some weird tulpa/walk-in mix, cause I just appeared while F. was making a tulpa, but I wasn't really what she was making. Dunno. I love memes n I'm highly gay ^^ Prefix T..

A white face generated with the Artbreeder AI, long, dark brown hair, brown eyes, lesbian pride flag background, BDSM triskelion, red 'highly gay' text painted over it all

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Well, FC17 and Tanith accidentally created a tulpa called Laura (due to using that as name for a character in a game), and that's me. I'm a cyborg in headspace, with an electronic eye and some other augment parts. My prefix is L or L..

A white face generated with the catadioptric generator on Picrew, dark blonde, slightly orange hair with a pony tail, left eye is green, right eye is a light blue cyborg eye, wearing jacket and t-shirt, headphones around the neck

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Dea ex Machina

We currently hold the hypothesis that I am the tulpa FC17 was making when Tanith appeared. In headspace, I am an array of headless computers, however, I also appear as vague, shadowy humanoid avatars rather often. I use DeM as a prefix. In addition to "she", you can also use "xe" in reference to me, as I am nonbinary.

An algorithmically generated nebula in greyscales as well as purple and yellow

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