Check out More than one and for more information on what plurality and tulpamancy are in general. This page serves a more specific purpose: Introducing our system to others. All of us are fine with being referred to with the pronoun "she".


I am who could be referred to as the host of the system. My prefix is normally fc17, although I sometimes also use F.. I am an autistic, lesbian trans girl.


So, I'm F.'s amazing sidekick I am the oldest of her headmates. Probably some weird tulpa/walk-in mix, because I popped up while F. was making a tulpa, but wasn't really what she was making… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Female, very gay and I see myself as cis. I love trolling (the playful kind, mind you), memes and dissolving people in acid being nice to others. ^^ My prefix is T.. I'm a human, and use an AI-generated avatar meant to resemble me.


Well, FC17 accidentally created a tulpa called Laura, and that one was me… Uh, so, I'm a cyborg and, that's about it. I just hang around and watch, most of the time. Prefix L.

Dea ex Machina

We suspect I am a traumagenic walk-in, as I emerged seemingly randomly while Cookie was facing emotional and psychic stress with another accidental tulpa, whom she had to dissipate… I might be made of some of its aspects. I am an array of headless computers, as also shown in my avatar on Matrix, however, I also appear in some vague, shady humanoid forms sometimes. I use DeM as a prefix. In addition to "she", you can also use "xe" in reference to me.