Reddit API changes

So, as y'all might've heard, Reddit's planning on changing their API terms in a way that'd break most non-commercial third party apps. This likely means we gotta shut down Libreddit n Teddit soon, as they'll stop working (specifically, on July 1st, as far as we can tell).

For the future, well, Libreddit seemsa be planning sth, possibly? Teddit we're not sure, they might wanna look into web scraping, we'll see how feasible that's (might end up running into ratelimits w that). 'f either circumvents the new restrictions in a sensible way, we might start hosting them again. In the meantime, RedReader 's a free app that's still gonna work – they got an exception as they're noncommercial n focused on accessibility, however, 'f Reddit improves their own accessibility, they might as well revoke that exception, sadly.