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Update II

This is likely going to be my last post this year, though maybe not my last post this week… Sounds strange, doesn't it? Anyway, I just wanted to inform you about some further changes and such.

Personal computing hardware

I have mostly gotten used to my ZSA Moonlander keyboard, and I am writing this post using said keyboard, while it is connected to my MacBook Air, both of which I mentioned in the last update post. macOS is, in fact, rather nice, in my opinion, and the Objective-See tools are a great addition.


I had to change my deploy script again, as there was no minify program available for macOS, instead, I use css-html-js-minifier, a Python program that handles minification, now. I ended up not actually migrating to Alpine Linux after I heard of the poor security of its package manager. So, I ended up staying on Void Linux for most of my servers, however, I improved SSH security and performance by changing both server and client auth ciphers to Ed25519 rather than the default ECDSA and RSA3072, respectively. I would also like to point out that my Nextcloud, Synapse and Murmur instances are now officially mentioned as a "friendcloud" on my services page, meaning that you can get an account on any of these if you ask me and I know you.