Moving from Gitlab to Codeberg

I have been using Gitlab for quite a while now, however, I was never too happy with it. uBlock Origin found some tracking elements on it, and it is very slow… I have been considering Sourcehut, however, there are several things I do not like:

  1. It may keep potential contributors away. The interface is very minimal and basically requires you to use the git command line, and the public service is said to become paid at some point.
  2. It consists of a bunch of Python packages at the core, making it slower and harder to selfhost than it could be.

The platform that suits me better seems to be Gitea, especially the public Codeberg. I moved most of my projects from my Gitlab account to my Codeberg account.

Of course, anyone wanting to use Sourcehut for its minimalism, or Gitlab for its many features, feel free to do this, Gitea and Codeberg are just my personal preference. Just avoid proprietary offerings such as Github or BitBucket, please. In my humble opinion, open source software should use open source development platforms as its main development channel (but of course, using a mirror on Github for better discoverability is not something I would consider wrong).