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Major overhaul

I've talked about wanting to write this article in Bloggers Gathering for quite a while now, so, here it is. While it was clear I wanted to make some changes, as also stated in a previous post on here, some of the changes I made went differently than planned, while others were abolished in favour of an alternative.

T.: A lot of them, actually. Or should I say all? ^^

Well, yes. Anyway, I will go into detail below.


This list is probably non-exhaustive.


As announced in said previous post (T.: How about just linking that one?), apart from the BorgBackup server, all servers now run on Pine64 hardware. We ended up not using the 4GB Rock64 (having a spare one is also nice, however, I guess), as some user(s) (T.: Should we say who? DeM: It might be wiser to preserve their privacy.) reported issues with connecting to Matrix over port 8448, probably due to a firewall, so I decided to run the webserver on the RockPro64 as well, making Matrix accessible on port 443 alongside port 8448. Indeed, all of it runs on NixOS, the configs of which also are public, to be found in a Git repo linked on the source code page. The old AMD64 server has been shut down.


A RockPro64 with a passive heatsink and a Kingston A2000 SSD in an acrylic case I got the idea for using longer screws with shafts in order to be able to fit the top panel while the PCIe adapter is in place from this forum thread. I'd link the explicit post, but at time of writing, there is a server side error on the site (1021 - Disk full (/tmp/#sql_3cff_0.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device")). This one runs all of the HTTP stuff (Matrix, this webserver, Matrix bots, Plik, the GTRR), with most of the relevant data being on the SSD (one partition of it is mounted at /var/lib, the other at /srv.

Update: The error has been resolved. The exact post is here.

Two Pine64 Rock64s in aluminum cases Left one is the 2GB one with 16GB of eMMC, running Murmur, while the right one is not plugged in currently, as it is the 4GB one with 64GBs of eMMC, running nothing. An Odroid HC4 with two WD RED 3TB HDDs This one runs BorgBackup for both our own and other's clients as well as our servers and among-sus.
T.: The cables to the right are from our 3D printer.


See /services for details on the individual services.


The JSON Feed bot now uses the aiohttp library rather than shelling out to cURL. This has mainly both happened and been possible due to the migration to NixOS. The Techlore FAQ Bot now uses an account on